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We rely totally on unpaid volunteers who freely choose to give their time, energy, skills and experience to help others. Volunteers enjoy the benefits of community involvement and achieve a sense of personal satisfaction from working with YPCT. They bring with them expertise, life skills, a broad and varied knowledge base. Their diverse cultural backgrounds, ages and levels of ability reflect the Yorke Peninsula community we serve.

Our commitment

A mutual obligation exists between YPCT and its volunteers. We listen and learn how to best support them in their vital work. We recognise and reward voluntary effort. Volunteers do not replace paid staff. Like our employees, volunteers can expect safe, meaningful work and well-managed workplaces with clearly stated rules, rights and responsibilities.

Legal safeguards are in place to protect volunteers carrying out their duties. We trust the sensitivity and discretion of volunteers and their regard for confidentiality. Volunteers will never be out of pocket as a result of working with us. We ensure they are adequately and promptly reimbursed for expenses incurred in the course of their volunteer work.

We are committed to applying the Volunteering Australia National Standards in all our processes and practices.

We value our volunteer drivers

Drivers have…

  • a few hours spare each month
  • empathy for frail aged and disabled people living in their community
  • good driving skills
  • pleasure in meeting and interacting with people
  • completed the driver accreditation process.

The process to become an accredited Volunteer Driver for a Community Passenger Network in SA is controlled by the Department of Planning Transport & Infrastructure, and involves:

  • application for a Dept of Communities & Social Inclusion screening (which replaces the old "Police Check")
  • application to become a volunteer driver
  • medical and eyesight test performed by your local doctor or specialist
  • driving assessment with an accredited driving assessor
  • induction with the YPCT Volunteer Coordinator

All costs are met
A DCSI screening result must not be more than 3 months old by the completion of the accreditation process

On completion of the accreditation process, an Accredited Volunteer Driver permit will be issued by DPTI to the volunteer for 6 years

Although all accreditation documents are sent to DPTI, the accreditation process is managed by YPCT. Accreditation may take several weeks to complete, depending on the DCSI screening (which could take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks)


Carer and Bus Companions…

  • undertake the process for all potential YPCT volunteers, involving:
  • application for a DCSI screening
  • induction with the YPCT Volunteer Coordinator

Support for volunteers

Policies and procedures guide our work with volunteers in all aspects of YPCT:

  • relevant, appropriate and necessary training and support to give volunteers the skills and knowledge required to do what is asked of them. This includes making sure legal requirements are well understood.
  • Insurance – three separate policies cover volunteer staff: Public Liability, Personal Accident and Motor Vehicle Insurance.
  • Training – Regular training is provided to help volunteers re-energise, increase skill levels, address a range of learning needs and provide opportunities to connect more effectively with their volunteering tasks and consumers.
  • Meetings and social events – quarterly gatherings of regional volunteer groups allow opportunities for volunteers to meet other drivers in their region and discuss issues of importance. There are usually at least 2 social events during the year for volunteers.
  • Newsletters- quarterly newsletters keep all volunteers informed of the latest happenings.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – the Board of Management employs a Coordinator whose job is to look after volunteers’ interests as well as recruiting and inducting new volunteers.

Resources for volunteers

Our volunteers keep up to date with regular newsletters, agendas and minutes of meetings.
If you’re thinking of volunteering why not download the booklet for intending volunteers Volunteering at YPCT

Thinking of volunteering? Want more information?

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We really need and value feedback from consumers, volunteers, community members – and you! - regarding any aspect of our services. Please send your comments using the online form below.


YPCT actively complies with the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not for Profit Organisations and acknowledges the generous support of the following organisations: